We're building a mobile camera driven 3D platform so that everyone with creative talents or ambition is able to embrace the 3D revolution. Join us!

The Future Is In Your Hands

Create a digital universe with your mobile phone as the only tool. Friend Factory's technology allows for the creation of cutting-edge real time animated content independent of who you are.

Friend Factory is a company founded in 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. The team consist of programmers, artists & creators with background from the entertainment and gaming industries. Together with our investors from a variety of disciplines like gaming, tech, kids entertainment and rights management, we share a common vision - to provide tools for imagination and play in 3D worlds to everyone.

The Inspired & Curious

Curious to be creating, but don't have the experience? Friend Factory makes the creation of high-quality personal and sharable content more fun and easier than ever.

The Digital Native

Part of the generation that's grown up creating? Friend Factory expands on the toolset and social platform functionality you are used to and develops them beyond your imagination.

The Professional Creator

Producing content professionally for web or TV? Or wish that you were, for an existing or new IP? Friend Factory makes 3D animated content-creation more efficient by a magnitude.

Get In Touch

If you are interested in us and our product, don’t hesitate to send us a mail. Looking forward to talk to you!

  • Co-Founder & Chairman
  • Bartek Gudowski
  • Bartek has run large tech organizations within the entertainment industry and has an extensive entrepreneurial background founding multiple companies within 3D, video and education.
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  • Co-Founder & CEO
  • Erik Wahlberg
  • Erik has worked with starting, expanding and selling leading content studios in the Nordics from executive and creative management positions, including the largest transaction in the sector.
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  • CPO
  • Viktor Ängmo
  • Viktor has previously been heading up product departments focusing on creating and developing software products for the media, VR/AR and entertainment industry.
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Work With Us!

In a virtual world everything is possible and we are always looking for new talents to create that world with us. Finding something below that sounds like you? Please send your application, including resume and cover letter, or any questions you might have to the address below:

Erik Wahlberg, CEO


If you don’t find any job opening that fits your profile, drop us a line at


Our office is located at Åsögatan 140, 116 24 Stockholm, SWEDEN.