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Interns/Master Thesis Interns to build: Real-Time 3D Avatar Chat Prototype

The latest mobile telephone technologies with depth cameras enable us to virtualize our facial expression and apply them on 3D avatar models. This technology is now undergoing a huge consumer adaptation shift where a new form of live communication between virtual friends is taking form.

We are now developing a real-time synchronous virtual friend communication platform where avatar to avatar (P2P) can meet in virtual chat rooms. For this challenge we seek passionate developers with an expertise in network communication and interest in 3D technologies.

Your key tasks will include:

The goal of the internship/master thesis internship will result in an end-to-end prototype that can be used for production.

Key steps in development involve:

Extraction of raw facial (blendshape) data and voice from recordings done by our creators in our studio app.

Synchronizing and packaging of data in chunks.

Sending packages to another client or multiple clients and applying data on 3D model.

Visualizing multiple 3D avatar models with real-time facial (blendshapes), voice and body animations in virtual 3D space environment.

A deep interest in network protocol programming is important. Familiarity with C#, iOS ARKit and Unity eco-system is a plus.

This is a 5 months paid internship or “Master Thesis Internship”. We are looking for long-term key individuals to join us on our journey, thus a successful match between us and the intern could lead to full-time employment.


Our office is located at Åsögatan 140, 116 24 Stockholm, SWEDEN.