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Interns/Master Thesis Interns to build: Voice & Vision Based Search in Game Editor

Products and services are becoming better and better through training the algorithms that support them. Our take on ML and its forefront with voice and vision search services are that they need to help our users to do:

a. Something that the user has never done before in a professional way.

b. Speeding up something +10x faster than done manually.

c. Inspire users with a new form of creativity and a way to visualize their idea.

Friend Factory is today developing an innovating data model and database design that cater for a large scale real-time 3D asset production environment. We believe that a more quick and innovating way than traditional text-based search of these 3D assets is to apply voice and vision search. Saying “red apple” or taking an image of a red apple can be a catalyst for users to quickly find what they are looking for instead of browsing large amounts of text.

The goal of the internship/master thesis internship will result in deploying voice- and vision-based prototype integration for asset search that can be used in production. In addition an early ML data recommendation framework to be developed for user recommendation of simple 3D-creation templates for animated movies and games.

Key steps involve:

Analysing best practice use cases for voice and vision-based search & define top intents for users.

Evaluation of the best cloud-based ML framework for Friend Factory.

Integrating cloud-based ML framework to Friend Factory mobile editor and develop an end-to-end prototype.

Queries or scripts that will support user stories (both for creators and players) such as recommendations and search.

Perform end user test on the prototype.

A deep interest in ML, new voice and vision input modality is important. Familiarity with GoogleAI & Machine Learning Products, Amazon Alexa and brief knowledge of TensorFlow is an advantage. C# and Unity eco-system is a bonus.

This is a 5 months paid internship or “Master Thesis Internship”. We are looking for long-term key individuals to join us on our journey, thus a successful match between us and the intern could lead to full-time employment.


Our office is located at Åsögatan 140, 116 24 Stockholm, SWEDEN.